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A gravel pathway lined by sea grass leading towards a treed area. The pathway is next to the ocean. There is a gravel beach and blue sky with whispy white clouds.

Welcome to Bumbleberry Counselling

Now with locations in Airdrie and Calgary, AB

Diana Izard is smiling directly at the camera. She is wearing a cream blouse with navy trim. Her hair is worn in a tall bun with bangs. She is leaning agains a wooden beam against a white background.


My name is Diana Izard (she/her), founder of Bumbleberry Counselling Services. I have over a decade of experience working in the field of mental health, in particular, the treatment of anxiety disorders, child behavioural challenges, parenting support and complex (relational) trauma. My approach is empathic, supportive and friendly. While laughter is welcome in the therapy room, we will also process the difficult and complex emotions that weigh you down, together. I hope you feel more confident, relaxed and optimistic as our session ends.

You’re looking for a counsellor because you are ready to let go of the past and move forward.

Uncertainty, anxiety, frustration and aloneness feel like they are holding you back.

Perhaps your relationships feel challenging and you don’t know why.

You’ve tried to make it work and are ready for something new.



Children Doing Headstands

Child and Family

Boost Confidence

A combination of parent only, and parent/child sessions helps nurture your connection while addressing your concerns. We will create an environment where your child feels safe talking about difficult topics. It also lets us practice new skills and reduce shame associated with challenging behaviours. 


Young person with small black and white dog standing on rugged terrain with grey skies pointing to the horizon.


Learn and Thrive

Therapy can help teens increase their self-confidence, improve relationships and cope with stress in healthy ways. We will focus on developing greater emotional awareness and insight into behaviour patterns that contribute to stress and anxiety.



Biracial couple holding hands, both have tattoos on their forearms visible.


Heal and Grow Stronger


Trauma focused therapy to help you get to the root cause of the patterns that hold you back. My approach is experiential which means we will work through emotions and physical sensations that arise in session to help you experience transformation from the get go.  

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